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What is Heat Stroke? Symptoms and Treatment

During summers, when the temperature is its peak , it causes certain conditions to human beings. Which has very dangerous effect, if proper medical aid is not given on time, it can lead to death. It is commonly referred as Heat stroke or Sun stroke. What is Heat stroke? According …

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How to Screenshot on Winows ,Mac & On Mobile

how to screenshot on Mac,windows ,Iphone,Android

Why Screenshot Screenshot is much important in today’s life. Some time You need to save picture of certain documents or picture on your PC , Laptop and most important on Your Mobile . Many times there is no option in windows or Mac to save an online Picture on screen . …

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How to Lose Weight

fitness plan how to lose weight

How to lose weight? It is not a big deal to lose weight. For normal human body, to function and work properly, it is necessary to maintain proper health. Weight lose is as easy as eating ? wait what, You can lose weight is easily, but to maintain that, is …

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Donald Trump Policies

Donald j. trump foreign policies

Donald Trump has been elected as the 45th President of the United States of America. In most of His election Campaign the Slogan was to ” Make America Great Again”. Donald trump Policies was widely criticized by various groups of intellects, Think tanks, anchors and mostly, the leaders of other …

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Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV application

Terrarium TV is an Android apk, or a Multimedia that allows you to Stream or download TV or Films across the Internet. The most impressive android  apk, which is different from other android applications. When You are going to watch a Show or a Movie, it only brings the shows …

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Interesting Facts About North Korea

North Korea Facts

There is some interesting,weird and fascinating North Korea facts ,which everybody wanna know about it. Officially the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.The North Korea is a country in East Asia,Pyongyang is a Capital Territory of North Korea. The current President of North Korea is Kim Jong un  is the Chairman of …

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Sports and Games via daily ups

games and sports

Sports and games play,an important role in health as well as Mental health.Variety of Sports games played around the Globe. In order to maintain good health,emotional balance,and improved Metabolism you should do a regular exercise. There are Two types of Sports and games.  A sports games, where you are involved …

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Health Care

health caring

Health Care should be the foremost duty of human being.Health is wealth.If you are healthy you can enjoy the beauty and bounties of life.You can avoid certain serious illness by taking  proper care .Health Care Play important role in a joyful and prosperous life. The following the alarming Illnesses which …

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Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing

Today in the Era of Internet the World has become a global village and interacting with people are more easy than ever.We are going to discuss the most interesting topic, Social Media Marketing.Discussing various strategies for Social Media Marketing. Why Social Media Marketing Why is social Media critical to your …

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