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How to Lose Weight

How to lose weight?

It is not a big deal to lose weight. For normal human body, to function and work properly, it is necessary to maintain proper health. Weight lose is as easy as eating ? wait what, You can lose weight is easily, but to maintain that, is probably most difficult.  You Can lose weight faster,  if You consider the following steps as i recommended.

the myth about weight loss


 Consider the following Steps to Lose Weight

  1.  Drink plenty of water

    The Human body is make of approximately 65 Percent of water Molecules. The human body can survive without foods, for several days , and cannot survive for more than Three days without water.

Scientifically, drinking more water can increase, resting caloric expenditure, in a study of overweight women, Increasing one ‘s daily water intake over 12 months period helped them, lose weight up to 4 pounds.  The key point is they made  no alterations to their diet , except drinking plenty of water.

People resting energies expenditure has shown to increase by 25-30 Percent. So drinking water  naturally increasing resting calories burn. Most important, People eat less, by drinking more water, so it is good for weight loss. Another study showed that, drinking water before Breakfast , reduced the amount of calories consumed during the meal by 13 %. So how much amount of water should be advised to drink daily , study suggests that drinking 8 To 10 glasses of water is perfect.

         2.  Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss

A study Shows that using apple cider vinegar can help in weight losing. The research studies have found that, drinking apple cider vinegar for Three Months can causes a huge amount of weight loss in your overall body weight. Using apple cider vinegar systematically help you reach those goals, maintain healthy body weight after you avoid fatty and oily foods.


for weight loss apple cider vinegar
Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has Acetic Acid , which is good for loosing weight. The function of acetic acid is to stop body fats from building up. It helps to take the nutrients from the food and boost your metabolism.

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        3. Green Tea

To lose weight Green tea has a magic effect. Green Tea can burn fats and increase metabolism.  Green tea can help you to lose stomach fats . It has an antioxidant effect which in the breakdown of food particles, and eliminates free-radicals  from your body, reduce stress and make you feel relaxed. Green tea contain Catechins which is stimulate fats metabolism, and burn fats effectively.  It is a Glucose regulator and It can maintain the blood sugar level in a poise.

to lose weight green tea


        4. Exercise

The best and natural way to lose weight is to exercise daily. exercise daily can burn the stubborn fats . A mild and hard physical activity can help you to lose weight completely.  Exercises like skipping, wall squats , crunches,step up and push ups can help to eradicate fats from your body completely. Exercise can boost your energy and also better your sleep quality.

By adopting the above strategies, you can lose weight efficiently and properly. I would suggest you, to do exercise regularly. You should avoid and perhaps lessen the amount of  consuming chocolate   and other materials, which have plenty amount of carbohydrates and sugar.

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