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How to Build a Mass Email List With a Killer Custom Blog Opt in Box

If you want to build a mass email list for your business you need to have a few things:

  • A website or blog to collect opt ​​in email leads
  • Something of value to offer others in exchange for their information, which gives you permission to conduct opt ​​in email advertising to those you've added to your mass email list
  • A killer opt in box

This article focuses on the third, and will walk you through the steps to create a killer opt in box that will help you to build a mass email list.

I'm using a WordPress blog and GetResponse autoresponder software. The steps you'll use to perform the tasks may be slightly different if you're using different software programs, but the general idea is the same.

Prior to using the methods below below to attract potential customers to your opt in email advertising campaign, you'll want to create an attractive, inviting image that will capture your visitors attention and draw them to your offer. The graphic should be uploaded to the media library in your blog administration back end.

Step One – Build The Code to Collect Opt in Email Leads using your GetResponse Autoresponder

  1. Select the Contacts tab then click on Create Web Form.
  2. Name your form, click on Inline Form, and select Advanced Options.
  3. S et your Confirmation URL to a "Thank You" page that you have developed on your blog. Even after your visitors have supplied their information and become Opt in email leads, you still want to keep them on your blog as long as possible. Due to a bug in the current version of GetResponse, you should shorten the URL for this page in bitly (or another link shortcut utility) and copy the shortened link into the confirmation URL box.
  4. If you do not want the "Powered By" logo in your opt in box, deselect it and click on Next Step.
  5. The next page will display the box that GetResponse has created for you to capture Opt in email leads. It's not very attractive and is not likely to help you create the mass email list that you desire. Do not worry, we'll be taking care of that by replacing it with a killer custom designed box!
  6. I recommend that you change Web Form Template to Brown Box. This will produce an orange Submit button that will serve to catch your visitors' eye. Click Next Step.
  7. GetResponse will generate code that will create a form for you to capture Opt in email leads on your blog. Copy the Raw HTML Version into a Notepad document. You're now done with GetResponse.

Step Two – Create a Text Widget to Capture Opt in Email Leads

  1. Select the Widgets link in the back office of your WordPress blog.
  2. Drag and drop a Text widget into the top of your sidebar.
  3. You can either leave the title blank and incorporate it into your image or add a title that will entice others to opt in to the mass email list you're building.
  4. Copy the code that's been generated by GetResponse into the text box and click on Save.

Step Three – Add The Killer Customized Image to Your Opt In Code

  1. Go into your Media Library, select the image you've uploaded, and click Edit. The HTML code for the image will be displayed in the File URL box. Copy this code.
  2. Open the text widget. Above the existing code, you're going to add your image code, along with HTML code that will center the image. An example is <div align = center> <img src = IMAGE% 20CODE% 20HERE width = "WIDTH OF THE IMAGE"> <b> Step Four – Customize Your Opt in Box </ b> <ol> <li> The Subscribe box created by GetResponse may deter visitors from providing their contact information and becoming opt in email leads. The word itself indicates that they may have to pay for whatever it is you're offering, so I advise that you remove it. To do so, locate the code (near the top) that looks like <xmp> <font id = webform_title font-size: color: background-color: border: solid> Subscribe </ div> and remove it.
  3. You can remove the contact counter by locating the code (near the bottom) that looks like <div> <strong> 0 </ strong> contacts already! </ div>

and removing it. I like to remove this because you'll always have days with low numbers. There's power in numbers, and if your visitors see low numbers here they may be less likely to submit their information, which you will require in order to add them to your mass email list.

  • You can change the background color by editing the background code, changing the #FFFFFF (or whatever color code appears) to the color you desire. You may also change the font color using the same method.
  • Congratulations, you're on your way to creating a mass email list that will catapult your business to success !

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