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Dancing with the Stars and Wardrobe Malfunctions: A Conspiracy Theory

Wardrobe malfunctions on TV have only experienced since Justin Timberlake ripped open what turned out to be Pandora's Box of a bosom on Janet Jackson. Ridiculous, any way look at it, the furor that was born of that Super Bowl incident. Things have changed, much for the worse, since that half of a boob was given to the eyes of America for a split second. Dancing with the Stars has both suffered and benefited from this wardrobe malfunction. Well, mostly benefited, I suppose.

Dancing with the Stars has had two wardrobes malfunctions of not, but nothing that led to past seeing a bra. But, these inidents always seem to be on the verge of occurring on Dancing with the Stars, and the viewers know it. However, what they may not know is that, although Dancing with the Stars is aired live, it is aired with a 20-30 second delay. So, if anything were to really malfunction, it would not be shown.

The malfunctions, and that they're even a story, are an indictment of the FCC. If anyone can make an argument that breasts are more damaging to children's eyes than TV violence, I'd like to hear it. I will not, however, because it is an impossible argument.

Dancing with the Stars may have stagnated their mild wardrobe malfunction, as stated in the BuddyTV article, but we'll never know. We do know that it has casued a bigger stir that it would have before the Janet Jackson incident, and I think most would agree that this is a bad thing. But, who knows? TV is good these days. Do not fix it if it is not broken, right?

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