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How Hearts Go On – Titanic, a Film Review

"Two thousand two hundred souls on board, sir." What if you are one of those thousands of people on board, not knowing what is happening, not knowing that the unsinkable ship is now sinking? In the movie Titanic by James Cameron, what if you are the captain, an officer or …

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Three Simple Rules for Media Relations

In the disaster field office there are three simple yet absolute rules to managing media relations. Businesses, celebrities, and even hospitals have created for themselves foibles and catastrophes due to a basic lack in the ability to manage media relations and the press. These problems stem from the fact that …

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Les Miserables (2012) Film Review

“Mine is the way of the Lord.” The aforementioned quotation is one of the many lines of Javert, the pure antagonist the controversial film, Les Miserables (2012), written by Victor Hugo and directed by Tom Hooper. Set in post-revolutionary France, it brings light to the injustice in society and how …

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